HORSES IN ART: Saverio Polloni

Saverio Polloni is an exceptional and unconventional artist, famous for using the portrait technique depicting countless animal species, often half-length and always life-size, as if they were posed for him.
The technique, which combines oil and acrylic, is impeccable, carried out in compliance with the most traditional pictorial canons and aimed at representing every detail of the subjects portrayed.

These are not mechanical reproductions of physical characteristics but rather a very personal interpretation of the identity of the portrait soul, highlighting, among the many characteristics, just the one that distinguishes the species to which it belongs.

Saverio Polloni was born in Milan in 1957, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera and immediately dedicated himself to the art applied to advertising.
In 1982 he founded an advertising illustration studio having as principal the main Italian and international companies, gaining experience in the field of fashion and industrial design.
In 1998 he devoted himself full time to his pictorial project “Animal Portraits”.
In 2017 he opens his personal Gallery in Milan, in via Brera 16.

Below are three paintings made by Saverio Polloni with the subject horse.

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