Horses in fashion: the services of Testino and Toscani

Mario Testino and Oliviero Toscani are two pillars of fashion photography, both advocates of images that have marked our time.
The advertising campaigns of Olivero Toscani for Benetton have received scandals around the world while the editorial services of Mario Testino have starred the most influential models and stylists in history.

A particular that unites them, in addition to photography and fashion, is the use of horses in their editorial shots.
An animal certainly not easy to use in a fashion shoot, where the clothes and their particularity should stand out in the spotlights and cameras, worn by models who often find themselves lying on the backs of the horses, not accustomed to this type contact.

Famous for Benetton’s advertising campaign, which sees two horses (one white and one black) as protagonists, but Oliviero Toscani has also created wonderful editorial services using horses, mostly American. Or like that time, on the pages of Elle Italia, where she used a donkey.

Mario Testino, instead, has used them much more often, especially for the editorials of foreign magazines such as Vogue US, Vogue Spain and V Magazine. There are rare times when Testino uses horses for static photos, usually his horses are photographed during an action, which can be a simple trotting walk, galloping or even during a jump.

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