Undoubtedly one of the best-selling and appreciated clothing by Accademia Italiana Style is trousers, an indispensable piece in the equestrian world.

Accademia Italiana Style, the first to have patented the all-over siliconed print, which allows the rider not to slip during competitions, is known for the high quality of the fabrics used, such as polyamide, shock-resistant and wear-resistant material , and for the great attention to stylistic details.

All the pants of Accademia Italiana Style are made of a microfibre tube that is thinner in the end of the leg, to facilitate the boots fit.

The range of colors and combinations of the pants is endless, the proposals vary from collection to collection, but always maintaining the basic characteristics, ie being water repellent and wind stop, to allow the greatest comfort possible to the rider.

In the gallery some images of the Accademia Italiana Style trousers taken by Halter Ego.

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