Accademia Italiana is today a solid entrepreneurial reality led by an all-female team that brings together three different generations from twenty to fifty y.o. and therefore different points of view linked by a single common thread: the passion for fashion and for horses.

Born initially for the will of the Sicilian designer Gino Moschetti who brought his inspiration, creative spirit and technical skills to the equestrian world, he found in Grazia Perego, with a vast background in the world of horses, the ideal side to achieve his goal: that of giving birth to technical and sports garments, but with an elegant cut and personal and identifying details that characterize the new philosophy of Accademia Italiana.

The passion has guided us in this project … and what about you, are you ready to follow your passion and your desire to feel unconventional?

Our Products

A wide range of fantasies renewed every season approaching Italian Academy to clothing.

Particular attention is given to personal touches, buttons and labels, which enhance the design of the brand and its link with the horse riding.

The production is strictly Made in Italy.

Accademia Italiana Breeches

The pants, made from high quality textiles and printed silicon thanks to a sophisticated manufacturing process, have been studied with the aim to solve both the problems of alignment, typical of the less experienced riders, either to confer an excellent stability those who face the most challenging competitions in jumping and dressage.

Power Grip for dressage and Limited Grip for show jumping are the added values to each creation, exclusive and patented by Accademia Italiana.

A wonderful experience

All of our products are the result of careful research and design able to meet the production demands of a dynamic market like the highly technical sportswear, characteristics that have allowed Accademia Italiana to establish itself as a fashion brand, but at the same time highly technical.